front-testi.jpgUniversity of Ibadan Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abel Idowu Olayinka has handsomely rewarded a UI 200-level Geography student who made an artistic impression of the VC's picture just as the UI boss challenged the youths to direct their energies into productive engagements that can make their lives better.
Mr. Ajadu Ileanaju God'stime of the Faculty of the Social Science had artistically painted the profile picture of the VC and posted it on the social media. 
Ecstatic was God'stime when informed that the student-friendly VC had agreed to receive him with his work, wondering what would be Prof. Olayinka's reaction.
Ushering the visibly agitated student into the expansive VC's office with the beautiful art work, with short introduction and remarks by the Media Assistant, joy suddenly took over the mind of the hitherto phrenetic and frenzied Geography student as the VC in his characteristic candour jokingly said "Whaooo!, how much are you going to pay me for painting my picture?"
Honestly, this is very creative. This student has used the strike period to express his talent. I think other students should learn from God'stime. 
Prof. Olayinka who was delighted by the creative thinking of the student later directed his Secretary to package an envelope for the student as an encouragement and as well as an appreciation of his work.
Reacting, God'stime who was full of gratitude for the VC's humble disposition towards him disclosed that he was sleeping when the idea came into his mind, stressing that the money would go a long way to assist his indigent brother who is a Medical student in UI.